Lebogang – Cava Sneakers

Cava Sneakers is an ecommerce retailer. We search for and retail Sneakers not found in any retail store, not under any well known brand and we sell directly off our website. The exclusivity of our sneakers is what keeps people coming back. We launched during the South African lockdown and within 6 months, we were on just under 40k followers across FB & Insta.

Eco-Agro Enterprise – Sydwell Sihlangu

Sydwell owns Eco-Agro Enterprise, a mushroom production and distribution company. His innovation is the African Hut Mushroom Dome which is a structure that provides a micro-climate that enables mushroom production at a lower cost compared to the conventional commercial mushroom production structures. The project’s key objectives are to generate income, create employment for the youth, and address malnutrition, food, and protein insecurity.