Lebogang – Cava Sneakers

Cava Sneakers is an ecommerce retailer. We search for and retail Sneakers not found in any retail store, not under any well known brand and we sell directly off our website. The exclusivity of our sneakers is what keeps people coming back. We launched during the South African lockdown and within 6 months, we were on just under 40k followers across FB & Insta.

Sasanti King – Andile Sasanti

Sasanti King produces the Well ‘N Well range of vegetable drinking yogurts which include flavours such as moringa, beetroot and carrot. The business is a member of Proudly South African, and has recently been approved by Diabetes South Africa.

Resthill Memory Care – Esmarie Venier

Resthill Memory Care is a residential home, focusing on specialised care of residents with memory-impacting conditions such as, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Our homes are designed to provide a safe, yet homely structured environment. Specialised caregiving by a well-trained team to deal with unique behaviour and anxiety is core to creating personalised routines that lower anxiety and reduce confusion.

DOPs Rewards – Lynton Naicker

DOPs is an instant gratification gamified digital rewards platform that incentivises a customer to purchase and ensures continual loyalty to a brand. Customers are incentivised based on the unique customer profile and spend behavioural patterns. DOPS mines key customer demographics (age, gender, identity of the customer) and spend behaviours (when they buy, why they buy and what they buy and how we can get them to buy more product).

South Western Dairy – Nkosana Mtimkulu

South Western Dairy is a father and son owned milk-processing business. Nkosana Mtimkulu and his father purchase raw milk from South African dairy farmers and add value by producing dairy products such as pasteurised fresh milk, maas, dairy blends, yoghurts and juices. Their products are branded, labelled and distributed to market. Bottled house-brands for retailers also form part of their offering.

Plus Fab – Ouma Tema

Plus-Fab is a fashion line for fuller figured women. Inspired by the story of iconic South African women such as Saartjie Baartman, who were always shunned and even ostracized because their physical stature did not conform with the “norm”, Plus-Fab continue to take fashion industry by storm. Plus-Fab is geared towards the fashion savvy, modern day plus size woman who is looking for clothes that not only fits but accentuate her curves.

Eco-Agro Enterprise – Sydwell Sihlangu

Sydwell owns Eco-Agro Enterprise, a mushroom production and distribution company. His innovation is the African Hut Mushroom Dome which is a structure that provides a micro-climate that enables mushroom production at a lower cost compared to the conventional commercial mushroom production structures. The project’s key objectives are to generate income, create employment for the youth, and address malnutrition, food, and protein insecurity.